Take Aim Program

The NWTF’s JAKES Take Aim program was made possible by a generous donation from Larry and Brenda Potterfield, founders of MidwayUSA. The goal of the JAKES Take Aim program is to present opportunities for youth age 17 and younger to try target shooting, clay target shooting and shotgunning in a safe, fun environment. We will accomplish this goal through two programs.

 1. Airgun program: states will receive a fully equipped airgun trailer to use during local JAKES/youth events. The trailer contains everything needed to set up an indoor or outdoor airgun range

2. Shotgun program: through local shooting ranges and gun clubs, youth can shoot sporting clays. The program will pay for clay targets and ammunition for registered and approved events.

For more details about the Trailer and the Program look at the Take Aim Manual.

To Reserve the Take Aim trailer in the state of Ohio go to the State Event Calender page and check your dates for availability.  The event must be a NWTF Jake's or Extreme Jake's ticketed event trough one of the states Regional Directors.  We can help you with the process once you fill out the request form. The Ohio State Chapter requires that person responsible for towing the trailer have auto insurance and carry comprehensive coverage. Any damage to the trailer from an accident is the responsibility of the tower.

Click here to fill out the form.